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    ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management Systems

    Course Summary
    • A three-day course that provides participants with the basic knowledge to develop and implement an EnMS that meets the requirements of ISO 50001. An EnMS aims to identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities, reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions and improve their organization's overall energy performance.
    Course Objective
    • The objective of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and implement an effective EnMS that can help their organizations to achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.
    • Presentations and practical examples of the O&G industry, tests, and content reviews.
    The following topics will be discussed in the course
    • The ISO 50001 standard: What are the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard? How can organizations meet these requirements?
    • Baseline energy performance: How can organizations establish a baseline for their energy performance? What are the different types of energy performance indicators (EnPIs)?
    • Continual improvement: How can organizations continually improve their energy management system?
    • Introduction to ISO 50001
    • The benefits of energy management
    • The ISO 50001 standard
    • Energy management planning
    • Energy policy and objectives
    • Energy review
    • Workshop: Energy assessment of the organization – Part 1

    • Baseline energy performance
    • Energy performance indicators (EnPIs)
    • Energy targets and action plans
    • Energy management controls
    • Procurement practices
    • Workshop: Energy assessment of the organization – Part 2

    • Design and development
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Monitoring, measurement, and verification
    • Internal audits and management reviews
    • Continual improvement
    • Energy management in the supply chain
    • Communication and reporting
    • Workshop: Energy assessment of the organization – Part 3
    • Course conclusions.

    • This course is recommended for people interested in and/or responsible for the EnMS.

    • ISO 50001:2018: Objective, scope, principles, benefits, and impact on business results. 
    • Energy Management planning, policy, objectives, review.
    • EnMS: Implementation, monitoring, measurement, and verification. 

    • Basic knowledge of management systems.

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