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    Leadership - Part of (Crisis Management & Emergency Responses Course)

    Course Objective
    Effective leadership is pivotal in crises, influencing both response outcomes and team morale. 

    • This course focuses on emergency response and crisis management within the oil and gas industry.
    • It aims to reduce, control, or mitigate the effects of emergencies such as natural disasters, hazardous material spills, fires, explosions, and security threats.
    • The course emphasizes both pre-planned emergency response and creative crisis management aligned with organizational values.
    • Participants compare their systems and documents to benchmarks and run scenarios based on their insights.
    • The course addresses the role of communication teams and media in crises.
    • Participants learn about the influence of the human element in emergencies and crises.
    • Presentations, reading material, and videos. 
    • Tests to assess learning gain and fill up gaps. 
    • Scenarios customized to the region's oil & gas industry.
    • Role plays and feedback exercises.
    • In-class discussion sessions and teamwork.
    • Personal work plans elaborated by the attendees.
    • Classroom with seats and tables in a U-shape layout, with room for practical exercises where the participants can work standing with flipcharts, do physical exercises, and walk around the U-shape. This is a mandatory requirement—equipment: Projector and speakers.

    • Introduction
    • Test – Diagnostic
    • 1. The language as a bridge builder:
          • Verbal and non-verbal language.
          • Communication strategies for the effective influence on behavior.
          • Feedback: types, objectives, and techniques to get the expected results.
          • Workshop: Role plays from situations familiar to the attendees. 
    • 2. E&C Communications and Leadership:
          • Leading teams through uncertainty and high-pressure situations.
          • Crisis leadership skills, including decision-making, empathy, and adaptability.
          • Understand the dynamics of incident command, coordination, and resource allocation.
          • Workshop: Role plays from work scenarios.
    • 3. Fundamentals of E&C Decisions:
          • Emotional aspects of decision-making during stressful situations
          • Cognitive biases and perception, stress responses, and group dynamics.
          • Techniques to manage fatigue, control stress, mitigate panic, maintain focus, and make informed choices.
          • Workshop: Practical exercises with diverse techniques.
    • 4. Emergency and Crisis Response Scenarios:
          • Leadership principles applied to real-world scenarios.
          • Analysis of well-known events where the kind of leadership made a difference in the outcomes. 
          • Workshop: Simulation of the same events in teams.
    • Personal work plans: Presentations and feedback
    • Course wrapup
    • Test – Learning gain.
    • Quality Survey

    • Attendees from the Course Crisis Management & Emergency Responses in the O&G Sector.

    • Behavior Change: Fundamentals and Best Practices.
    • Leading teams through uncertainty and high-pressure situations.
    • Leadership principles to real-world scenarios.
    • Crisis Communications and Leadership.
    • Decision-making during emergencies.

    • Minimum 3-5 years of oil & gas experience, of any sort
    • Individuals responsible for overseeing and managing Crises in the Oil & Gas Industry

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