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    Leadership and Communication Skills for New Managers

    A fundamentals course introducing the main leadership skills and traits to enable new managers to be effective in managing and leading their teams. It also looks at how effective communication styles and methods impact the efficiency and motivation of teams; and how a leader's communication style should be adaptable to its audience and how communication styles can influence others.
    • Understanding yourself
    • Personality Styles
    • Understanding others
    • Emotional and resilience intelligence

    • Team Culture
    • Leveraging Diversity
    • Developing and Energizing your team

    • Coaching versus mentoring
    • Consistent and effective appraisals
    • Effective Informal feedback

    • Improving communications
    • Active Listening
    • Difficult Conversations and behaviors 

    • Adapting and connecting with others 
    • Flexing and accommodating to achieve the best results
    • Powers of persuasion and influence 
    • Bringing it all together

    Anyone who has become or will soon be a new manager of a team.  Also, for anyone who wants to improve the way they are perceived by others by improving their communication styles.

    The learning outcomes for this course are:

    • To understand how team values and culture are created and managed, to enable you to get the best from your people.
    • To know the elements required to provide consistent and effective appraisals.
    • To identify opportunities and apply actions to develop and energize your team.
    • To determine the best ways of dealing with difficult conversations and behaviors,  and strategies on how to build trust in your team.
    • To use coaching and communication skills which give effective performance feedback.
    • To apply various communication styles which are best used for different people and situations.
    • To develop leadership skills which enable you to be able to connect and adapt to the needs of others to achieve better results.
    • To understand powers of persuasion and influence and judge how they can be used effectively.


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