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    Leadership and Communication Skills for Project Managers -RILS

    • This course will utilize the “flipped” classroom strategy for engagement and understanding
    • The participants will have “homework” assignments to read that eliminate the need for the instructor to read slides during the class time
    • The participants will be working with others in small groups and each of the assignments will be graded and include specific feedback

    RILS course delivered over 3 days, approzimately 4 hours per day. 


    720p Web Cam

    USB headset,

    Day 1

    MODULE 1

    Linking projects to the business

    • Understanding the business context for the project
    • Defining business project management and how it relates to technical project management
    • Recognizing the common elements for all communications

    The first module is about setting the foundation for all project communications.

    MODULE 2

    Written documents important to project success

    • Writing the charter as a communications tool
    • Writing the case for change as a communications tool

    The second module is designed to provide clarity around scope and sponsor expectations

    Day 2

    MODULE 3

    Building the communication plan

    • Relating the stakeholder analysis to successful project communications
    • Using communications to handle risks
    • Communicating about problems effectively

    This module is about planning project communications as effectively as planning project work.

    MODULE 4

    Changing the way people work

    • Communicating changes in work processes
    • Creating support for new work processes

    All projects ultimately change the way people work and this module shows how to use communications to create support for those changes.

    Day 3

    MODULE 5

    Other communication requirements

    • Communication strategies to overcome resistance to change
    • Communicating scope changes
    • Using communications to prepare operations for the project deliverables

    This module will continue the thoughts from the previous module and add more communication strategies for specific situations.

    MODULE 6

    Succeeding with senior management

    • Engaging senior management at the right time and for the right reasons through communications
    • Working with your sponsor on regarding stakeholders and problems that arise during a project
    • Seeking assistance from your sponsor with cross-functional issues requiring important decisions

    This module is dedicated to the difficult task of engaging a sponsor and other senior management to ensure a successful project

    This course will be more useful for project managers with at least three years’ experience in managing projects. It will also be very helpful for team leads moving into a project manager role.

    The course will provide understanding of these concepts:

    • Understand the common elements utilized to create all communications, whether written or oral, and how to apply them to various situations
    • Create tailored communications to each stakeholder group affected by a project
    • Analyze breakdowns in communications by applying the common elements to prevent future failures
    • Succeeding with senior management through engagement and planning

    Project Management

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