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    Leading Organizational Change in Oil and Gas

    The oil and gas sector is becoming increasingly important for organizations.  In order for organizations to gain and sustain a competitive advantage, they must be able to proactively manage the changes needed to enable strategic initiatives.  This course will equip participants with the understanding, tools, and techniques needed to successfully navigate change within an organization.

    Day 1

    Elements of Organizational Change 

    • Assessing the capacity for organizational change.
    • The 8 Step Change approach by Kotter
    • Application of the organizational change process      

    On the first day participants will focus on gaining an understanding of the contexts that drive organizational change.  Participants will also cover how to apply proven methodologies to enable change.

    Day 2

    Executing Strategic Organizational Change 

    • Using the ADKAR approach to flawless achieve execution
    • Practical application using a case study
    • Building a strong business case for change

    Participants will continue learning how to apply proven methodologies for organizational change, and will begin to work with the ADKAR model.  Participants will gain an understanding of the model as well as how to apply the main constituents of the model.

    Day 3

    Stakeholder Management in the change process 

    • Mapping and influencing stakeholders
    • Developing an impactful communications plan
    • Overcoming resistance and getting buy-in to changes  

    On the last day of the course, developing a coherent change communication plan and successfully understanding and managing stakeholder groups will be covered.

    Executive Management, Supervisors, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Personnel, and anyone involved in managing organizational and operational changes.

    5 years of professional experience.

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