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    Leveraging Influencing Skills

    We all have patterns of behavior around communication and influencing that may or may not suit all people or circumstances. We can’t change other people, but we can change our own behavior to create a different impact.

    This course gives participants an awareness of the communication dynamic and the influencing styles they already use, exploring how effective their current patterns are in different circumstances. We unpick emotional intelligence and provide practical tools and techniques to support different choices in communicating, motivating, influencing, and persuading others.

    Building on current and time-honored theory, we demonstrate how to improve your interpersonal skills and increase your ability to communicate effectively.

    • Introduction
    • The communication dynamics
    • Active Listening
    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Building relationships
    • Personality Styles
    • Influencing

    • Identify and leverage your most powerful influencing skills
    • Motivation

    • Influencing exercise
    • Planning to and managing conflict
    • Negotiation
    • Debating

    • Coaching
    • Case study
    • Participant presentations

    Suitable for anyone looking to improve their influencing skills.

    • Gain an understanding and awareness of emotional intelligence
    • Explore the communication dynamic
    • Learn how to build rapport
    • Deal with assumptions
    • Handle different personality styles
    • Understand, and know how to apply, different theories of influencing
    • Understand how to get key messages across clearly and concisely
    • Learn how to change your attitude to change the impact you have
    • Learn what motivates you and others
    • Gain strategies for handling conflict effectively


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