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    Lockout Tagout LOTO

    • This training course is to provide employeeswith Lock out / Tag out safety training prescribed by legislation so they mayobtain the ability to de-energize equipment in a safe, competent manner andwork safely in their work environment and around other employees.
    • This course covers the role and responsibility of the employer to implement the energy control program.
    • This course covers all the lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) procedures.
    • This course covers the protection of workers while performing service and maintenance activities on machinery and equipment.
    • Upon course completion the student will have the ability to explain the importance of energy control programs, procedures, training, audits and methods of controlling hazardous energy.


    1.   LOTO FundamentalConcepts

    2.   LOTORequirements

    3.   Applying /Removing LOTO

    4.   Closing and isolatingdevices

    5.   Energy resources

    6.   Persons at risk andauthorized to be infected

    7.   Insulation equipment

    8.   Safety procedures

    9.   Energy Isolation Permit

    10. Effort action procedures

    11. LOTO Fundamental Concepts

    12. Hazardous Energy addressed by LOTO

    13. LOTO Examples

    • This course for equipment operators.
    • Maintenance personnel.
    • Supervisors.
    • Anyone else who could reasonably expect to undertake work activities that involve locking and tagging out machines or equipment.

    • LOTO Fundamental Concepts
    • LOTO Requirements
    • Applying / Removing LOTO
    • Closing and isolating devices
    • Energy resources
    • Persons at risk and authorized to be infected
    • Insulation equipment
    • Safety procedures
    • Energy Isolation Permit
    • Effort action procedures
    • LOTO Fundamental Concepts
    • Hazardous Energy addressed by LOTO
    • LOTO Examples

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