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    Maintenance and Reliability

    This course will provide participants with the modern concepts and techniques in maintenance and reliability engineering. The concepts that will be discussed in this course will create an impact on the maintenance by reducing the equipment downtime through the benefits of regular scheduled preventive maintenance, increasing equipment life, reducing stores inventory, and a reduction in emergency and critical maintenance.

    Participants will gain an understanding of how to apply the maintenance and reliability concepts in order to get a well-planned  maintenance program that will enhance the productivity in the oilfield.  Advanced information processing and reliability based methods will be applied.  This will be in order to provide degradation monitoring and prognosis of equipment, components, plants, and assets.  The concepts that will be described in this course will be applicable to any subsurface, surface production system, or subsystem.

    Day 1

    Reliability Engineering 

    • The dependability approach
    • Reliability models
    • Benefits of integrated reliability models
    • Methodologies to improve maintenance plan

    On the first day participants will learn about the value improving practice, the dependability approach, and reliability engineering models.  Integral reliability and human reliability as part of the reliability methodologies will also be covered.  The day will end with participants learning about criticality analysis.

    Day 2

    Reliability Methodologies 

    • RAM analysis
    • Reliability centered maintenance
    • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

    Day two will focus completely on the discussion of the reliability methodologies: Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) analysis,  reliability centered maintenance, and Risk Based Inspection (RBI). Real case studies will be covered at the end of each methodology.

    Day 3

    Reliability Methodologies (Cont.) 

    • Root cause analysis
    • Cost Risk Optimization (CRO)
    • Statistics for risk and reliability analysis

    On the third day participants will learn about the root cause analysis.  Cost Risk Optimization (CRO) will also be covered.  The day will end with participants learning about the statistics for risk and reliability analysis and the application in maintenance.

    Day 4

    Reliability Analysis 

    • Statistics for risk and reliability analysis (cont.)
    • Uncertainty management
    • Reliability analysis for non-repairable items

    Day four will focus on the reliability analysis.  Statistics for risk and reliability analysis, principles of reliability analysis, and reliability analysis for non-repairable items will be covered on this day.  Participants will also learn about uncertainty management and the application in maintenance activities.

    Day 5

    RAM Analysis

    • RAM analysis for repairable items
    • Sources of data for RAM analysis
    • Principle of economic analysis
    • World class maintenance

    On the last day the class will shift its focus back to RAM analysis. Participant will learn RAM analysis for repairable items, as well as the sources for RAM analysis. Principles of economic analysis and risk analysis will also be discussed on this day. At the end of the day operational reliability and world class indictors will be discussed in detail.

    Operation and maintenance staff, surface facility design and operation engineers, production managers, and maintenance managers.


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