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    Malcom for Geoscientist

    This course will introduce the basic Malcom features that will help the geoscientists to process and interpret data from gas chromatography and to efficiently process fingerprinting data of oils / condensates.

    It will also focus on specific techniques to determine whether a reservoir is compartmentalized or if hydrocarbon samples have a common origin and on production allocation technique.

    This course will provide the participants the required skills to use Malcom effectively for their day to day analysis.

    Day 1

    Part 1

    • Malcom interface
    • Malcom folders organization
    • Creation of Malcom projects & Data import
    • Manaipulation and vizualization of data
    • IQ: Identification and Quantification
    • Compounds database & compounds referencing
    • Creation of reference analysis
    • Automatic identification
    Day 2

    Part 2

    • Data editor & Graphs
    • Reporting tool
    • Process customization: Python and Workflow
    • Geochemistry Data Interpretation module
      • Compounds identification
      • Geochemistry parameters
      • Creation of interpretative graphs
    Day 3

    Part 3 : Engineering solutions

    • Introduction on chemometrics
    • Indexation
    • Creation of peak height ratio matrix
    • Reservoir Connectivity
    • Production Allocation

    Geochemists, Geoscientists.

    • Explore the malcom interface and data structure
    • Perform sample compositional analysis
    • Use fingerprinting module and statistical tools to characterize sample similarities
    • Use basic plotting tools
    • Perform Reservoir Connectivity and Production Allocation studies
    • Create workflows to automate data processing

    Anyone with an interest in using Malcom software to perform high level analyses of gas chromatography data to get information on fluid samples. Part of this course is related to fingerprinting analysis to perform reservoir characterization and production monitoring studies.

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