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    Management and Leadership in Oil and Gas

    The course is aimed at providing managers and senior managers a broad exposure to the tools and techniques required to develop their individual leadership skills. The course is highly participative and experiential.

    Day 1

    Management and Leadership in a VUCA world

    • The context of leadership in  a VUCA world
    • Leadership and self-awareness
    • Build on your leadership strengths

    The participants will gather valuable insights regarding their own leadership strengths and how they can practically apply them in a VUCA world

    Day 2

    Engagement and communication for leaders

    • What are the drivers of motivation and engagement?
    • Creating a culture of performance using engagement levers
    • Communicating With Impact for Leaders

    Understanding and applying the current developments in associate engagement to increase performance and motivation.   Enable leaders to communicate effectively.

    Day 3

    Leading High Performance Teams

    • What is a team and how are teams formed?
    • Stages of team development and performance characteristics
    • Enhancing team performance and feedback

    Insights into what constitutes a high performance team and how to lead diverse teams to success.

    Day 4

    Leading Performance and Change through Adverse Environments

    • Managing adversity and poor performance
    • Understanding and applying coaching techniques to enhance performance  
    • Stages of change and leading change projects

    Equip the leader to successfully confront change and guide people during adverse situations. Using Coaching methodologies to enhance performance.

    Day 5

    Personal Leadership Action Plan

    • Putting it all together and creating a leadership point of view
    • Creating a personal leadership action plan

    Developing an action oriented log book that will allow practical implementation back in the office. Responding to the question “Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?”

    Managers with at least 5 years of experience in managing/leading teams.

    As a result of this course the participants will:

    • Able to identify their own leadership style and how it impacts others. They will also gain insights into the different leadership styles today.
    • Understand and apply what it takes to build high impact teams, and how to increase engagement and drive in team members
    • Manage performance by using feedback to enhance results and develop a coaching toolbox with a unique results oriented focus.

    Good understanding of elementary management principles. Managers that have subordinates to guide and influence.

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