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    Managing External and Public Relations

    External affairs teams are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with influential individuals and organizations for the public benefit. 

    This course is aimed at helping individuals achieve their business goals by improving relationships with external and internal stakeholders. The course is extremely practical and hands-on with a variety of exercises, presentations, and case studies. This gives the participants "real life” scenarios that they can practice on by using the tools and techniques presented. 

    • Objectives and Introductions 
    • The purpose of external relations 
    • Strategic communications and business impact 
    • The ‘7S’ framework to achieve results 
    • Understanding the meaning and Impact of Communications 

    • The context of external relations - The BP case 
    • Develop your strategic relations networks 
    • Writing with clarity and impact 
    • Creating your external relations strategy 

    • What are Government Relations?
    • Navigating the political jungle
    • Building trust and confidence with political leaders 
    • Setting up a government relations playbook 

    This course is suitable for individual contributors and managers tasked with managing external relations.

    • Understand the elements used to understand external relations 
    • Create personalized communications plans 
    • Use of a variety of methodologies to achieve impact 
    • Succeeding in managing external relations successfully 
    • Introduction to government affairs 

    No prerequisites.

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