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    Managing Performance and Appraisal Reviews

    A company can be defined by its people.  This course has been designed and developed to provide the knowledge and understanding of the overall performance management process, as well as conducting meaningful performance and appraisal reviews. 

    As a participant in the course they will understand and gain knowledge in performance management, its systems, and key factors in order to effectively manage the performance management process in their organization.  Participants will then focus on individual performance management by learning how to conduct a meaningful performance review (appraisal).  They will learn how to correctly set and write meaningful objectives, as well as how to cascade objectives through their department or organization.  The course will teach participants how to give effective feedback and follow through with identifying the correct development for the individuals from the review.  By the end of the course attendees will have gained the knowledge, confidence, and skills to manage performance in their organizations helping to increase motivation and performance of individuals and teams. 

    Each day will consist of exercises, role-plays, and examples with constructive feedback from the instructor to ensure that the learning goals are being met.

    Day 1

    Performance Management

    • Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resource Development (HRD)
    • Performance management overview and definition
    • Strategy, policy process, and formation
    • Review of systems, processes, and models (business and appraisal)
    • Review of on-line and paper-based systems
    • Linking performance and talent/high potential development
    • Converting/cascading business objectives to personal performance objectives
    • Format of personal performance review (appraisal) documents

    Day one will give an overview of the holistic performance management systems and processes, culminating in the personal performance management (appraisal) review.  Participants will learn about performance management systems, their effect, impact, uses, and how they aid the business and operational strategy through individual and holistic objective performance management.

    Day 2

    Conducting the Review

    • Behaviors and factors affecting good performance (appraisal) reviews.
    • Motivation – theories and ideals
    • The Four Performance Management Problem factors
    • Ensuring objectives are contextualized
    • Setting and writing objectives – SMART
    • Conducting the review – factors to consider
    • Interpersonal skills in conducting the review
    • Conducting the three stages of personal performance (appraisal) reviews

    This day will focus on the individual aspect of performance management through the correct application of the personal performance (appraisal) review.  This will look at the behaviors and skills need to make the review effective and optimize the review time for both appraiser and appraisee.

    Day 3

    Reviewing the Review and Development Options

    • Development – alignment to objectives and expectations
    • Giving effective feedback
    • Development planning – individual (70:20:10 rule)
    • Development planning – department/organization
    • GAP Analysis - linking in with operational and talent/high potential strategies
    • Follow up and interim reviews
    • Appeal procedures
    • Review and feedback

    The last day will focus on the review of the personal performance (appraisal) review.  It will look at the behaviors and skills need to give effective feedback, as well as assigning and aligning development to meet the needs of the individual, objective, and organization.  This day will culminate in addressing the appeal procedure, follow up/interim reviews, and how these are integrated.

    This is essential development for managers who undertake appraisals, performance management reviews, or manage individual performance in an organization, HR managers and practitioners, as well as L&D/OD managers and practitioners.


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