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    Managing Purchase Requisition

    Through the procurement management course, we will introduce and address the importance of the procurement function and its procedures the methods of internal organization of procurement management and its objectives, what is meant by the policy of providing the appropriate quantity for procurement and how to apply it? The policy of using different sources of supply as well as methods and policies of timely procurement and how to determine the price? This is covered to ensure growth without any obstacles.


    • Introduction to Procurement and Procurement Management
    • The role and objectives of the procurement department in the institution
    • Why do organizations need to "buy"?
      • Ability to fully understand proponent needs and takes action to make sure the information in the enquiry is adequate for vendors to understand the requirement.
    • Industrial versus consumer purchasing
    • Procurement process overview (planning, execution, monitoring and control)
    • Types of materials purchased.
    • Procurement strategies (forward purchase, outsourcing, leasing, e-procurement)

    Group Discussion & Quiz

    Procurement planning

    • Introduction to Material Planning and Inventory Management
    • Different costs in material pricing (raw materials, transportation, production, insurance)
    • Signal to trigger the purchase process
    • Specification
    • Identify and locate sources of supply
    • Supplier selection and supply method
      • Ability to select competent vendors for obtaining quotations.
      • Types of supplier relationships
    • Good supplier relationship management and maintenance

    Types of contractual agreements

      • Aspects of agreements (e.g., credit terms, price, delivery options)
      • Negotiation process: how to negotiate with the supplier.
      • Contracting process: how to create a strong contract with the supplier.


    Group Discussion & Quiz

     Purchase execution Process

    •  Procurement cycle management
    •  Create purchase requisition (RFI, RFQ, RFP)
      • Ability to ensure all obligations strictly addressed in the RFQ and communicated clearly to the vendors.
    •  Evaluate supplier pricing and supply.
    •  Issuing a purchase order and tracking its status
    •  Receipt of goods and payment of the supplier
    •  Contract Purchase Management
    •  Logistical considerations
    •  Define transportation requirements.


    Purchasing Monitoring and control

    • Purchasing Managers
    • Supervisors of the Procurement Dept.
    • Contract managers
    • Supervisors of the Contracts Dept.
    • Project engineers and project managers
    • Business audit officers
    • General managers involved in procurement and contract negotiations.
    • Commercial Managers
    • Procurement officers and supervisors
    • Supply Chain Managers

    • The main objective of this Procurement Management course is to empower professionals through acquiring the Full knowledge and information of the analytical methods used to evaluate purchasing performance and how they help improve the purchasing performance of their organization.
    • Knowledge and understanding of advanced analytical tools and methods used to evaluate purchasing & procurement performance.
    • Train the attendees to conduct regular checks on the methods used and reports that are generated on the organization purchasing performance. Thus they can make changes to improve performance, which in turn contributes to the success of the organization
    • Better decision-making and analytical skills, using all available data and information to make informed and correct decisions.

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