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    Managing Purchase Requisitions & Supply Chain Documentation (Compliance & Consequences)

    This practical 3-day course shows you how to adopt a “best-practice” model and, outlines the latest thinking in upstream petroleum industry procurement.  This course builds on the Expediting Strategies course to cover in more detail aspects of the contracting process.

    Extensive use is made of oil industry case studies, examples and exercises, with delegates working in syndicates to analyse problems and recommend solutions as they progress through the model.

    The continued emphasis is on ensuring delivery of maximum value at minimum cost; implementing a best-practice process; adopting innovative ways to select contractors and ensuring tender documents are prepared to manage contract risk. 

    Developing a best-practice procurement process

          • Suggested process for managing contracts from beginning to end to ensure that competent vendors are selected for obtaining quotations
          • Fully understand proponent needs and actions required to ensure that the information in the enquiry is adequate, and vendors understand the requirement

    Purchase requisitions

          • Ability to recognise that all obligations are strictly addressed in the RFQ and that these are communicated clearly to vendors
          • Ability to analyse the purchase requisition content and priorities

    The role of contracts policy and procedures

          • The vital relationship between contracts strategy, policy and procedure
          • Oil industry examples of contracts policy and procedure.


    The role of contract risk assessment

          • The importance of contract risk assessment in strategy and contractor selection
          • How to carry out a contract risk assessment

    Understanding the “small print”

          • Getting to grips with contractual language and terms and conditions
          • Understand information and documentation compliance
          • Understand regulations, standards, best practice and documentation policies and procedures


    Managing the contract after it has been awarded

          • Preventing and resolving disputes
          • Concepts for managing information and documentation
          • Creating advanced policies and procedures
          • Setting up access controls and security procedures
          • Understanding the data management and knowledge principles

    This course is aimed at personnel at all levels and in all disciplines, who have responsibility for and involvement in the entire procurement process. This includes line operational managers and specialists (the “end users”), as well as contracts managers and contracts specialists.


    • How to view the contract from different viewpoints, as a legal instrument and as an investment tool
    • Understand regulations, standards and best practice, and documentation policies, procedures.
    • How to achieve information and documentation compliance and management of data and knowledge
    • How to achieve the benefits of SCM to save money through a process for managing contracts from beginning to end
    • How to set up access controls and security procedures
    • Best practice to choose the most suitable contractor/suppliers
    • How to select which provides the best value for money
    • How to avoid common mistakes
    • The importance of a hands-on approach to contracts and implementing a structured approach.
    • Learn advanced concepts for managing information and documentation.

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