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    Managing Service Contractor Quality

    The quality of services provided by contractors has a large impact on an organization's activities.  The appropriate quality helps to achieve the objectives of the contract, reduce risks, minimize the costs, and achieve HSC policy.

    The quality management of the services provided by the contractors begins first with selecting the appropriate contractors to perform the services that have the technical expertise and the financial ability to perform these services. 

    This course covers the management of the contract, monitoring and measuring the performance of contractors, and evaluating the quality-of-service performance with a pre-established standard according to generally accepted principles.

    How and why Contracts are drafted:

    Why we use contracts?

    Formation of a Contract 

    The key elements of a contract 

    Terms and Conditions of contract 

    The basic structure of a contract 

    Incorporating documents by reference 

    Contracting principles (general)

    Contract policies 

    Principles of Good Contracting

    Essential Elements of a Valid Contract 

    Contracting Strategies  

    Contract Management Responsibilities 

    Tendering and contracting process: 

    Overview of Tendering & Contract Award Process 

    Essential Elements of the tender

    Method of tender evaluation

    Contract Management Life Cycle.

    How to establish terms and conditions for different situations

    Variations and changes 

    Product liability and defective goods - rejection 

    Precedence of documents – Special Conditions 

    Suspension and termination 

    Acceptance and Certificates 

    Liquidated damages/ penalties 

    Limits of liability 

    Guarantee/ Warranty/ Maintenance 

    Conflict of Laws and Choice of Law Clauses  

    Bank and Insurance Bonds 

    Collateral warranties 

    “Side Letters”:

    Negotiating contract qualifications and amendments 

    Contract management and service quality measurement  

    Overview of contract management

    What is Contract management?

    Service delivery management and service quality performance measurement 

    Relationship management

    Managing service delivery

    Dispute Avoidance and Resolution 

    Contract Change Control

    Contracts Close-out

    Contract administration

    Seeking improvements

    Managing Changes

    Getting the contract right

    Critical success factors

    reasons why organizations fail to manage contracts successfully.

    The contract management lifecycle

    Measuring quality

    Organization, Quality Assurance, 

    Design Control

    Procurement Instructions Procedures & Drawings

    Document Control

    Control of Purchased, Material, Equipment and Service

    Identification of Materials, Parts Components

    Control of Special Processes

    Inspection Test Control

    Control of measurement & Test Equipment Handling, 

    Storage and Shipping Inspection Test and Operating Status Nonconforming Materials Parts and Components Corrective Actions, Quality Assurance Records Audit

    Negotiation and Resolution of Disputes:

    Contract negotiation - continued 

    Dispute Resolution clauses 

    Unequal bargaining positions 

    Negotiation, compromise and settlement 

    Alternative Dispute Resolution 

    Avoiding disputes by sound contract management

    Contract Management: 

    Sit Management




    • Contract Administrators 

    • Auditing staff 

    • Operation engineering

    • Quality control staff     

    • Project Engineers and Project Managers 

    • General Managers involved in contract negotiation 

    • Commercial Managers 

    • Purchasing Officers and Supervisors 

    • Contract Management and Tendering Is a Profession, not just a job.

    • Elements Of a Good Procurement & Competitive Bidding Process 

    • Developing Tender Evaluation Criteria

    • Selecting The Right Contract Type 

    • Contract Preparation

    • Contract Management

    • Services Quality Management  


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