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    Managing Teams for Success

    In this four-day class, leaders will be taught how to plan, develop, and align their teams for success. Topics covered include how to establish a supportive interview atmosphere in which candidates share information readily.  Behavioral interviewing techniques will be taught and utilized by participants.

    Participants also will learn how to coach in order to inspire achievement, inspire victory, and garner respect.  In this session, participants will learn essential coaching skills to improve day-to-day and long-term performance.  Participants will learn how to be demanding of those they lead in the correct way. 

    This course will focus on the role of the leader in aligning people, versus simply organizing and staffing business units.  The session deals with communicating the vision to people in ways that that increase their commitment to it.  Interdependence and its needs will be explored in the context of work, hierarchy and technology. 

    Day 1

    Selecting the Right People

    • Competencies in a job
    • Asking the right questions
    • Qualifying candidates

    The participants will be able to develop skill in uncovering competencies beyond basic job qualifications and will be taught how to ask probing questions needed for a good hire.  Developing telephone screening techniques to pre-qualify candidates, practicing the steps of an interview, and conducting reference checks will also be covered.

    Day 2

    Coaching and Counseling for Performance

    • A model for coaching
    • Coaching techniques and tips
    • Performance feedback model

    The participants will learn to be able to improve their ability to coach on-the-job and understand the basic coaching model.  Developing coaching feedback techniques, handling volatile situations while constructively using proven performance feedback models, and practicing a performance improvement conference will all be covered.

    Day 3

    Influencing Through Negotiation

    • Basic techniques of negotiation
    • The art of win-win collaboration

    The participants will be able to identify the benefits of good negotiation skills and demonstrate basic techniques of effective negotiation. They will learn approaches to being more assertive, without being seen as an aggressor and how to perfect the art of the “win-win” or collaboration outcome.

    Day 4

    Managing Teams

    • Effective team components
    • Team communication styles
    • Team management model

    The participants will be able to identify the characteristics of an effective team and understand team members’ different communication styles.  During this day, participants will also explore techniques for effective delegation and practice using team management tools effectively.

    Supervisors, managers, project managers, and team leads involved in managing, leading and developing people.


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