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    Managing the Human Side of Change

    In the fast changing world of today, people are constantly being asked to adapt.  How they manage the different stages of personal change can have a profound impact on the productivity and motivation in a workplace.

    During this course, participants will have the opportunity to gain unique insights around taking stock of the personal change transition that everyone experiences.  Participants will learn about using concrete tools and techniques to help manage the human side of change successfully.

    Day 1

    Personal Change and Leadership Style

    • Leadership and personal change balance
    • Overcoming resistance to change
    • Achieving well-formed outcomes during personal change      

    On the first day, participants will gain an understanding of the balance between different styles.  Positively overcoming barriers to change will also be discussed.

    Day 2

    Managing Transitions

    • Emotions drive people, challenging personal belief systems
    • Emotional change process steps – CSI – Change Style Indicator
    • Proactively managing individual change     

    Participants will learn about distinguishing different personal change styles and how to apply them.  Challenging some preconceived ideas around change will also be covered.

    Day 3

    Strategies for Managing Personal Change 

    • Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivators during change and how to manage them
    • Force Field analysis to change when changing organizational roles/jobs
    • Practical case study around personal change      

    On the last day participants will learn how motivation drives people during a change process.  Practical case studies around the tools to help during personal change will also be covered.

    Project Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, individual contributors, and anyone who finds themselves in a changing environment.

    Between 2-5 years of professional experience.

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