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    Managing your technical career in the oil and gas industry (and beyond)

    Theupcoming Energy Transition provides both opportunities and threats to technicalpeople that are currently working in the “traditional” EP oil and gas industry.Taking control of your own skills and future career options has never been asimportant as nowadays. This four day course will increase awareness of themultiple facets that influence career options both short and long term. It willprovide a structured framework through the introduction of the PersonalDevelopment Plan (PDP) and tips and tricks to maximize the chance of realizingpersonal career ambitions.

    • Personal introductions, course expectations, ice breaking exercise
    • The dynamic energy environment and the importance of managing your career 
    • Resourcing the business, opportunities and pitfalls
    • Introduction to competence frameworks and career paths
    • PDP Exercise part 1: understanding your strengths and weaknesses

    • The art of giving and getting quality feedback
    • The relevance of soft skills and displaying the “right” behaviors
    • Coaching and mentoring, tips and tricks
    • The upcoming Energy Transition: opportunities and threats
    • PDP Exercise part 2: short-term opportunities and long term aspirations

    • The art of networking – personal preferences, do’s and don’ts
    • Career influencing strategies
    • Getting the most out of your senior management encounters
    • Tips and tricks for improving your CV
    • PDP Exercise part 3: recording your SMART actions in your PDP, prepare for Souq exercise on Day 4

    • PDP Exercise part 4 “Souq”: Presenting and finalizing your Personal Development Plan in plenary
    • Commit to actions
    • Course wrap up and feedback

    The course is typically designed for staff in their early- and mid-career who are working in the technical disciplines in the EP industry.

    The red thread of the course will be to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with agreed SMART actions, to be shared and presented for feedback to the group on the last day of the course

    For thiscourse to be successful, participants need to have done some personal careerreflections beforehand if possible with their line manager. They also need tobe prepared to share their views with other participants of the course and bereceptive to feedback.

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