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    Methane Emissions Management Toward Net - Zero Ambition

    This training course “Methane Emissions Management Toward Net-Zero Ambition” will familiarize the participants with Green House gas Emissions (GHG) and their impact in the Global Warming particularly with Methane Emissions Management associated with primary sources per industry quantification detection, metering , monitoring, main risk and Methane abatement technologies. The course also provides an overview of Methane Emissions regulatory framework in areas such as detection, quantification and reporting. The course additionally covers some aspects associated with Methane emissions best practices applicable for the oil and gas industry (Upstream, Mid-Stream and Downstream).  

    Methane Emissions Overview

    • Methane Emissions Outlook (GHG and Global Warming, ESG).
    • Methane Emissions Sources and Main Risks (all type of industries, all value chain).
    • Methane Emissions Measurement Detection, Metering, Monitoring, Quantification, Forecasting,and abatement.
    • Methane Emissions Regulatory Framework (standards, certifications, etc.).
    • Business Drivers for Methane Emissions Reduction.
    • Class Exercises.

    Methane Emissions Technology as Enabler of Sustainability

    • Methane Emissions Abatement and Their Economic impact.
    • Digitalization as Enabler for Methane Emissions Management.
    • Methane Emissions Case Studies (challenge, technological solution, & environmental and commercial impact).
    • Best Practices for Methane Emissions Management in O&G Industry.
    • Identification Methane Emissions Abatement (opportunities).
    • Wrap Up and Final Discussion.

    Professionals who are interested to gain knowledge in Methane Emissions particularly in detection, quantification, metering, monitoring , abatement technologies and regulatory framework. 

    Methane Emissions Overview

    • Methane Emissions Outlook
    • Methane Emissions Sources
    • Methane Emissions Regulatory Framework
    • Business Drivers for Methane Emissions

    Methane Emissions Technologies

    • Methane Emissions Abatement
    • Digitalization for Methane Emissions
    • Methane Emissions Case Studies
    • Methane Emissions Best Practices
    • Methane emissions Technologies
    • Discussion & Wrap up


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