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    Mindful Leadership Workshop - Introduction

    The hallmark of an influential and inspirational leader is one who has the ability to comprehend how their actions and behaviors positively or negatively impact others.  Additionally they have the ability to create an atmosphere of calm in the midst of chaos and exponential change for themselves and other. 

    To achieve this, Fortune 500 and other well-established companies are providing personal and executive leadership development programs grounded in mindfulness and self-awareness, with great success. 

    This workshop will introduce participants to strategies and tools for slowing down to actively engage in self-reflection and self-awareness in order to build a personal leadership practice and vision.  It will also challenges participants to consider their own biases, attitudes, and assumptions and recognize the validity of other perspectives, reducing the personalizing stance that causes a victim mentality and exacerbates office politics.

    Day 1

    Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    • Introduction to personal leadership practices
    • What do I need to know about myself that impacts my leadership practice?
    • Strategies for leading with intention and mindfulness
    • Emotional intelligence, awareness, and leadership
    • Personal leadership vision

    Participants will practice strategies for fostering a calming work environment in the midst of chaos and change (mindful leadership).  They will also develop awareness as to how personal actions, decisions, and behaviors can influence self, others, and the work environment (emotional intelligence).  Lastly participants will identify personal vulnerabilities and strengths as they relate to creating a personal leadership vision.

    Day 2

    Personal Leadership Vision

    • Detrimental habits and recognizing behaviors that positively impact outcomes
    • Personal influence and leadership
    • Developing a personal leadership vision

    Participants will explore the detrimental reactive patterns that negatively influence the workplace and will learn to recognize their capacity to choose positive actions and behaviors that will positively influence others in difficult situations.  Additionally participants will explore personal values as related to personal leadership practice and begin building a personal leadership vision and purpose.

    Participants with the desire to develop their personal leadership capacity.  It is especially ideal for emerging, front-line, and senior leaders who want to develop their emotional intelligence and lead more mindfully and intentionally for optimum results.

    Utilizing personal exeriences during the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Increase personal accountability and productivity
    • Enhance ability to positively influence others
    • Reduce conflict and tension
    • Improve personal and workplace wellness by way of reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, etc.


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