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Miscible Gas Injection and WAG Fundamentals

This 5 days training course introduces the  fundamental principles of Enhanced Oil Recovery  processes. The participants are exposed to  technologies associated with Miscible processes. Basic EOR screening criteria, fundamental science  behind EOR applications will also be discussed.
Miscibility concepts and PVTi usage on EOS calibration for Miscible EOR simulation will be discussed. The compositional simulation will be introduced and used for modeling Miscibility and simulation of WAG process. 

Day 1


  • Definition
  • Different EOR Processes – Concepts, Limitations & Challenges
  • EOR Screening Criteria
  • Displacement Fundamentals of EOR
Day 2


  • Reservoir Engineering Applications to EOR
  • Sampling Tools and Techniques
  • Lab Experiments, Analysis & Fluid Characterization
Day 3

Miscible EOR

  • MMP Measurement and Correlations
  • Miscible Processes
  • CO2 Flooding Properties
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection (WAG)
Day 4

Practical EOS Modeling with PVTi

  • EOS introduction
  • PVTi user interface
  • Calibration of the Equations of State for EOR Miscible simulation study
Day 5

Simulating EOR Misciple and WAG flood

  • Introduction to Compositional Simulation
  • Components and Composition
  • From Blackoil to to Compositional
  • Modeling Misciblity
  • WAG in Simulation
Learning activity mix

Eniners and scientists

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