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Modern Production Logging

Water identification and fluid movement in both injection and producing wells are evaluated using spinners, tracers, pulsed neutron oxygen activation, temperature and noise surveys. A variety of fluid identification devices are used to evaluate multiphase flow. These tools together are used to quantify the sources of water, oil, and gas production, and are critical to the control of excessive water or other phases. Inflow Performance Relationships (IPR) are determined for individual downhole zones. Special considerations are given for deviated and horizontal wells. The newest tools designed for horizontal applications, such as the Flagship/PS Platform or Polaris are reviewed. Numerous videos of and in vertical, deviated, and horizontal flows are used to aid in visualization of the logging environment. Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS, a new non-intrusive temperature logging technique based on fiber optic technology is also introduced.

Day 1

Logging techniques for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells

The cased hole logging environment

basics of depth control

Flowmeter response and quality control

Day 2

Flow evaluation using spinners

Flow regimes

Fluid identification logs for multiphase flow

Multiphase flow concepts

Holdup, cut and slip velocity

Day 3

Productivity index, inflow performance, zonal production

Evaluating deviated and horizontal wells

Effects of deviation on spinner response and slip velocity

Vendor tool strings (Schlumberger, Atlas and Halliburton)

Day 4

Temperature and Noise Logging

Nuclear techniques for fluid flow

Radioactive tracers

Detection of water flow using oxygen activation

Day 5

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS)

Fiber optic theory

Demonstration of PLATO software

Learning activity mix

Reservoir and production engineers and geologists, petrophysicists, log analysts and others involved in well surveillance, maximizing recovery, identifying production problems, or planning workover operations.

This course is also well suited for Cased Hole sales engineers.

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