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    MWD and LWD Tool Physics and Applications

    This course covers in details the various MWD and LWD tool physics and applications.  This is an opportunity for technical personnel in all domains irrespective of their experience to have a full and wide exposure to the various new technologies of MWD and LWD; includes 1-2 hours daily of workshop examples

    Day 1
    • MWD-LWD Principles- data transmission
    • Integrated Log Data to obtain: density, neutron porosity, resistivities, Sigma, Neutron spectroscopy
    • Sourceless Density and Neutron logging
    Day 2
    • Acoustic Measurement
    • Seismic Measurement
    Day 3
    • Formation Pressure
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Day 4
    • Laterolog Resistivity measurement
    • Induction resistivity measurement
    • Borehole Imaging from the LWD
    Day 5
    • Geosteering physics
    • Geosteering applications
    • Borehole imaging as an aide for GeoSteering

    Technical personnel in all domains irrespective of their experience

    • Basics of MWD and LWD- signal processing and tool combinations
    • MWD Data acquisition
    • LWD tool Physics and applications that covers the following tools: :
      • Integrated Log Data Acquisition that includes neutron spectroscopy, Sigma capture cross section, resistivities, density-photoelectric cross section, GR and borehole caliper imaging.
      • The new technology of Sourceless Neutron and density data acquisition
      • LWD Acoustic measurements
      • LWD Seismic measurements
      • LWD Formation Pressure and formation mobility whilst drilling
      • LWD Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) whilst drilling.
      • LWD Laterolog and Induction Resistivity measurements
      • LWD Borehole imaging
      • LWD Geosteering tool physics and applications

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