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    NEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management - PSM

    Course Objective

    • The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management provides the knowledge and understanding of Process Safety Management (PSM) to ensure holders of this certificate can contribute to the effective management of process safety risks.
    • NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Enables holders to recognize and contribute to the control of process safety hazards and to Boost their career prospects
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Hazard and risk awareness of leadership teams
    • Board level visibility and promotion of process safety leadership
    • The need to define process safety responsibilities
    • The reasons for holding to account all individuals with PSM responsibility
    • The provision of adequate resources
    • Reasons for establishing process safety objectives and targets
    • Commitment to continuous improvement

    Day 1

    Session 1 - 1.1. Introduction
    Session 2 - 2.1. Process safety leadership

    • Process safety management meaning
    • Process safety leadership
    • Group Exercise
    2.2. Process safety leadership - continued
    • Organizational learning
    • Management of change
    • Group Exercise
    Session 3 - 3.1. Process safety leadership - continued
    • Worker engagement
    • Competence
    • Group Exercise

    Day 2

    Session 4 – 4.1 Overview of previous day training

    4.2. Management of process risk
    • Establishing a process safety management system
    • Risk management techniques used within the process industries
    • Group Exercise
    4.2. Management of process risk - continued
    • Asset management and maintenance strategies
    • Role, purpose, and features of a permit-to-work system
    • Group Exercise
    Session 5 – 5.1. Management of process risk - continued
    • Safe shift handover
    • Contractor management
    • Group Exercise

    Day 3

    Session 6 - 6.1. Process safety hazard control

    • Operating Procedures
    • Safe start-up and shut-down
    • Group Exercise
    6.2. Process safety hazard control - continued
    • Safety critical performance standards
    • Utilities
    • Group Exercise
    Session 7 - 7.1. Process safety hazard control - continued
    • Electricity/static electricity
    • Dangerous substances
    • Group Exercise

    Day 4

    Session 8 - 8.1. Process safety hazard control - continued

    • Reaction hazards
    • Bulk storage operations
    • Group Exercise
    Session 9 - 9.1. Fire and explosion protection
    • Fire hazards
    • Fire and explosion control
    • Group Exercise
    9.2. Fire and explosion protection - continued
    • Dust explosions
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Group Exercise

    • this course is suitable for people all around the world who work in process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.
    • Given the hazardous nature of these industries, this qualification has been designed to give specialist knowledge and understanding to managers, supervisors and safety professionals.


    • Basic Recommended minimum standards of English Equivalent to an International English Language Testing System score of 5.0 or higher in IELTS tests
    • The course will require learners to undertake some research. 
    • They will require at least some access to the Internet resources for this purpose.

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