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    NEBOSH PSM (Process Safety Management)

    Course Objective
    • Process safety management is a blend of engineering and management skills. It focuses on the prevention of catastrophic accidents and near misses associated with loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and hydrocarbons
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Process Safety Management is designed to provide a sound breadth of knowledge that will allow you to contribute to the effective management of process safety risks.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (Group Discussions)
    Pass Requirements
    • On-Screen Multiple-Choice Assessment (MCQ) with 60% pass

    Element 1: Process safety leadership
    1.1 Process safety management meaning
    1.2 Process safety leadership
    1.3 Organizational learning
    1.4 Management of change
    1.5 Worker engagement
    1.6 Competence
    Videos, group discussions and case studies 

    Element 2: Management of process risk
     2.1 Establishing a process safety management system
     2.2 Risk management techniques used within the process industries
     2.3 Asset management and maintenance strategies
     2.4 Role, purpose, and features of a permit-to-work system
     2.5 Safe shift handover
     2.6 Contractor management
     Videos, group discussion,s and case studies 

    Element 3: Process Safety Hazard Control
    3.1 Operating Procedures
    3.2 Safe start-up and shutdown
    3.3 Safety critical performance standards
    3.3 Safety critical performance standards
    Videos, group discussion,s and case studies 

    Element 3: Process Safety Hazard Control
    3.4 Utilities
    3.5 Electricity/static electricity
    3.6 Dangerous substances
    3.7 Reaction hazards
    Videos, group discussions and case studies 

    Element 3: Process Safety Hazard Control
    3.8 Bulk storage operations 
    Element 4: Fire and Explosion Protection
    4.1 Fire hazards
    4.2 Fire and explosion control
    4.3 Dust explosions
    4.4 Emergency preparedness 
    Videos, group discussions,s and case studies 

    • Supervisors
    • Line Managers
    • Team leaders

    This qualification is designed to cover a range of issues affecting process industries. Topics include: 
    • Establishment of process management systems 
    • Asset management and maintenance strategies 
    • Start-up and shut-down of process plant 
    • Performance standards for safety critical systems and equipment 
    • Hazards and controls for: 
      • Chemical reactions 
      • Bulk storage of dangerous substances 
      • Fire and explosion 
    • Purpose and features of emergency plans


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