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    Negotiation Skills for the Oil and Gas Industry

    During this course, participants will learn how to apply a structured approach to effective negotiating.  Combining this with the practice sessions incorporated into the program this course is designed to improve participants’ confidence in negotiating and improve the outcomes of their negotiations. Attendees will be exposed to the Breakthrough Negotiation Strategy to help them achieve results in difficult and complex negotiations.

    The bulk of this interactive course comprises of realistic, oil industry-based, role-play negotiating scenarios based on a variety of commercial and non-commercial situations. This is underpinned with instruction in negotiating principles and methodology, as well as essential checklists for planning and reviewing.

    Day 1

    Understanding the Negotiation Process and Negotiating Outcomes 

    • Negotiation process 
    • Preparing for negotiation 
    • Initiating and presentation 
    • Role play: 1 to 1 Negotiation 

    On the first day, participants will learn what is meant by negotiation, their potential and attitude to negotiations, and the key sequence of negotiating steps.  The sequence of negotiating steps will help them learn to appreciate the value of completing one step before proceeding to the next.

    Day 2

    Communication and Human Behavior in Negotiations 

    • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Handling international negotiations
    • Recognizing cultural differences
    • Overview of bargaining and presentation stages
    • Role play: 1 to 1 Negotiation 

    Negotiation will always be a process that involves people.  Participants will learn how to use effective listening and questioning techniques to understand the motivation of the different personalities with whom they are negotiating.  They will also learn how to use this to influence the other party to achieve better results. The advantages and disadvantages of negotiating by phone or email will also be reviewed in the context of how cultural differences affect international negotiations.

    Day 3

    Bringing the Deal to a Successful Conclusion  

    • Bargaining 
    • Closing the deal 
    • Team negotiations 
    • Role Play: Team Negotiations 

    Course participants will learn how to develop alternative bargaining strategies and the corresponding effective bargaining techniques. This session will also provide direction on how and when to avoid premature bargaining, how to resolve impasse, how to deal with conflict, and how to offer and extract concessions.  This will be followed by how to recognize closing signals, confirm and follow-up, and how to lock in what has been agreed.  Following the tips on how to negotiate in teams, participants will move on to implementing what they have learned in a team negotiation centered around the award of a contract.

    Day 4

    Breakthrough Strategies 

    • To the balcony: keeping your eye on the prize 
    • Disarm them: stepping to their side 
    • Change the game: reframing 
    • Building the golden bridge 
    • Bringing them to their senses, not to their knees
    • Role Play: Team Negotiations

    Course participants will learn what is meant by the Breakthrough Strategy and how it can be used to deal with difficult people and difficult situations.  Each of the methods will be supported by examples and the opportunity for participants to identify and practice them, then apply them in a team environment.

    Day 5

    Conflict Management Styles and Disputes 

    • Virtual international negotiations 
    • Managing conflict 
    • Contract disputes 
    • Habits of successful negotiators 
    • Role Play: Team Negotiations 

    Participants will learn the subtleties and respect that will need to be applied to international negotiations, what conflict management styles they may use under differing negotiation conditions, and a structured approach to dealing with contract disputes.  Participants will also be provided with the opportunity to practice them and then apply them in a team environment. Learning will be consolidated by reviewing research findings about the habits of successful negotiators.

    This introductory intermediate-level workshop is aimed at those with little or no previous negotiating experience who wish to improve their ability and confidence. It is suitable for a variety of professionals working in the oil and gas industry, as well as those involved in commercial and inter-personal negotiations. 


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