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NExT-HSE Module 11: HSE Event Investigation (External Course)

Developing Skills in HSE Event Investigation

Day 1: Safety & Accident Theory and Fundamentals


Day 2: The Investigation Process and Skills


Day 3: Root Cause Analysis Methodologies

Day 1

–      Safety Business & QHSE Objective

–      Safety, Hazards, Risks. Hazards Identification Tools

–      Risk Assessment & Risk Management [Intro]

–      Events, Incidents, Accidents. Statistics

–      Accidents Causation Theory

–      Contributors to Accidents

–      Heinrich’s Domino Theory

–      Loss Causation Model

–      Bird’s Accident Triangle

–      The Hidden Costs of Accidents

–      Introduction to Investigation

Day 2

–      Investigation Process Detail

–      The Incident

–      Severity & Responsibility Matrices

–      Information Gathering

–      Investigation Team

–      People – Parts – Paper – Position

–      Interviewing Technique

–      Action Items

–      Containment versus Corrective Actions

–      SMART

–      Investigation Closure

–      Documentation

–      Substandard Investigation

Day 3

–      Root Cause Analysis Introduction

–      What is RCA?. Why use it?

–      Levels of Causes of Accidents

–      RCA Methodology (Define – Analyze – Solve)

–      RCA Tools (Brainstorming – Pareto – 5-WHY – Fishbone)

–      RCA Follow up

–      High Potential Incidents

–      Mine the Diamond

–      Behavior and Culture

–      The HSE Culture Ladder

Learning activity mix

Managers and Investigation Team Members and Leaders

Management Experience or Assignment as investigation team member.

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