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    No-Code AI: Hands-On Training

    "No-Code AI: Hands-On Training" is a practical workshop designed to empower participants with the skills and knowledge to build AI models and applications without the need for programming. Leveraging user-friendly no-code tools, attendees will be guided through the process of creating, training, and deploying AI solutions.

    Dataiku Core Concepts 

    • Introduction to Dataiku
    • Create the Project
    • Create the Dataset
    • Explore your Data
    • Prepare your data
    • Interactive Visual Statistics
    • Group the data
    • Explore the Flow
    • Data enrichment with Join Recipe
    • Welcome to the Lab
    • Reporting Tools

    A No Code example of Machine Learning applied to Subsurface Data (a geological facies prediction)

    • Data preprocessing for facies classification
    • Data visualization, statistics and dashboards
    • Model training and prediction
      • Let’s setup a first baseline
      • Hyper parameters tuning
      • Model interpretation

    Dataiku for Excel Users (automating manual tasks with Dataiku flows and AI) 

    Dataiku for Excel Users

    • Data cleaning and preparation with visual recipes
    • Working with dates and formulas
    • Dataset connection, aggregation, and pivot tables 

    Automating manual tasks

    • Introduction to MLOps
    • Create a scenario to automate your workflow
    • Add a visual interface for non-data scientists users
    • Push your workflow to production to get consumed by other applications

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