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    Ocean Software Development Framework Fundamentals for Studio

    In this course, you will learn how to extend the features of the Studio Platform and build software using the Ocean for Studio Software Development Framework. You should already have an understanding of .NET™, C#, Windows environments, and Object Oriented Programming and Object Oriented Design. Through a series of modules and labs, you learn to program with the Ocean for Studio API to extend the Studio Platform.

    Ocean* is an open, proprietary software development framework targeted to extent the SLB software platforms. It is the most productive software development environment available in the oil and gas industry. Being open means that clients, SLB and third party developers use the same Ocean Framework to build applications that is used by internal SLB software Platforms.

    The Ocean Framework for Studio consists of three components. The Studio SDK provides a growing breadth of data-type coverage for access to the Studio environment’s database.  The Studio Find API allows developers to extend the types of data that can be indexed by the Studio environment and to index 3rd party data sources that can be integrated into the Studio environment. The Studio Manager API supports development of a custom plugin that can be hosted in the Studio environment’s Manager function.

    The Ocean Framework for Studio includes a Getting Started manual, three .chm on-line help files for the three components, and a .pdf developers guide to document the Studio SDK and the Studio Manager API.

    Ocean and the MSDN environment: The Ocean API is written in the C# language, the language of choice for .NET development, which combines popular features from the Java language and the efficiency of the .Net runtime language interpreter.

    Day 1

    Studio SDK

    Day 2

    Studio SDK

    Day 3

    Studio Manager API

    Day 4

    Studio Find API

    Software developers, engineers or geoscientists with basic programming skills interested in gaining a general understanding of Ocean for Studio.

    Studio overview and demo
    Ocean for Studio overview
    Studio SDK
       • Overview, core and services
       • Data access general
       • Shapes
       • Wells
       • Well logs
       • Well completion
       • Drilling
       • Seismic
       • Seismic interpretation

    Studio Manager API
       • Overview and architecture
       • Core UI extensibility
       • View Factory
       • App
       • Widget
       • Component
       • Settings Page
       • Services

    Studio Find API
       • Overview and architecture
       • Indexing custom domain objects in Petrel 
       • Indexing 3rd party data source

    Attendees should be familiar and comfortable with Windows environment and Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, and should have good knowledge of OOP/OOD concepts, basic understanding of database programming and programming experience with .NET and C#.  Knowledge of Studio E&P knowledge environment is useful but not required.

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