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    OFM Production Performance and Forecasting Analysis

    The OFM Production Performance and Forecasting Analysis course acquaints you with OFM* tools used for production forecasting and performance analytics.

    You will learn all the essentials of OFM capabilities that help you to forecast production and retrieve forecast information for further studies. You will perform hands-on exercises on history matching and subsequent forecast production. The course covers the widely used Arps technique, and you create forecasts using a variety of assumptions. In addition to single phase (oil, gas) forecasts, the course covers ratio forecasts and other techniques such as calculated forecasts. You also will learn how to effectively use OFM forecast results.

    This course extends the work done in the Fundamentals course.

    Anyone responsible for performing forecasting and forecast analysis on historical production using OFM software

    • Perform rate versus time analysis
    • Set up of decline curve analysis (DCA )
    • Perform DCA to forecast production for individual or groups of wells
    • Multiple forcast cases
    • Auto Decline
    • Ratio forecasts 
    • Generate reports and plots of forecasted results

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