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OFM Waterflood Monitoring and Surveillance

In this course, you employ the OFM Streamline Module to automatically or graphically define waterflood patterns by using production and reservoir data. By combining this information with pressure data and PVT algorithms, you determine reservoir volumes and voidage. You also gain experience in setting up patterns and performing analyses on a waterflood project.

Anyone who needs to gain experience in setting up patterns and performing analyses on a waterflood project in OFM software

Learning activity mix
  • Overview of waterflood monitoring and surveillance 
  • Set up an OFM waterflood project
  • Generate OFM grid maps for reservoir characterization
  • Calculate Original Oil-in-place (OOIP) by use of grid arithmetic
  • Perform waterfood analysis and diagnostics at the flied level
  • Compute and interpret the voidage replacement ratio
  • Create and interpret analysis plots such as:
    • Conformance plots
    • Heterogeneity Index scatter plots
    • Chan diagnostic plot for producing wells
    • Hall plots for injection wells
  • Use Stream Lines in OFM

OFM proficiency or OFM Fundamentals

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