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    Oil Desalting System

    Oil desalting systems provide protection to capital intensive processing equipment by removing the salt component from crude oil.  There are many significant variables to control in the crude oil production process.  This course provides participants with knowledge necessary to understand that the desalting operation is one that must constantly be adjusted to maintain optimum performance.

    The course will move from the fundamentals of the desalting process, through to the various design options and major process variables.  Discussion will also include topics on electrical desalting and the types of desalting systems. 

    As the course progresses, discussion will focus on design considerations, components, operation, performance, and troubleshooting tactics used in desalting operations.

    Day 1

    Crude Oil Desalting

    • General overview
    • Electrical desalting
    • Types of desalting systems

    On day one, participants will obtain a general overview of the types of oil desalting systems.  The participants will also learn about electrical desalting, as well as other types of desalting processes that are found in the oil industry today.

    Day 2

    Desalting Operations

    • Desalter components
    • Desalter design considerations
    • Factors that affect desalting operation and performance
    • Types of desalting applications
    • Desalting troubleshooting

    On the second day, participants will learn about the how desalters work and some of the design characteristics used to match the demands based on the types of crude oil being processed.  They will be exposed to monitoring techniques and the control systems that will help in maximizing the desalter operation.  Desalter troubleshooting will also be a part of the learning for the participants.

    This course is mainly targeted to process technicians, process technologists, and laboratory and maintenance personnel.  The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning, as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

    Participants should have some recent exposure to oil and gas facility terminology.

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