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    Oil Fiscal Metering

    This two day course discusses fiscal metering, which is commonly referred to as metering in the oil and gas industry.  Metering is the point of a commercial transaction where a change in ownership takes place.

    Course participants will learn about the industry standards which govern custody transfer requirements and will also be made aware of a variety of metering methods available.

    As the course continues, participants will be exposed to the hardware used in a fiscal metering system. Subjects such as accuracy, acceptable error, and documentation will be discussed to provide participants with a complete picture of the process of this subject matter.

    Day 1

    Custody Transfer and Metering Methods

    • Industry standards
    • Legal
    • National metrology standards
    • Custody transfer flow meters

    On day one, participants will gain an appreciation for the high level of accuracy required during custody transfer applications.  The standards and requirements which are applied to flow meters used in the process via such organizations as American Petroleum Institute (API) will be discussed.  Participants will also be made aware of the custody transfer operations that can occur at any number of points from the originating location and the impacts associated.

    Day 2

    Fiscal Metering Requirements

    • Components
    • Accuracy
    • Liquid custody transfer
    • Fiscal metering hardware

    Day two discussions will focus on an overall appreciation for the oil fiscal metering operations, accuracy, and its importance with respect to the transport scheme.  Although the flow meters are the heart of the fiscal metering system, support hardware such as metering skids, piping, and vessels are also important in the fiscal metering system and will be review.

    This course is mainly targeted to process technicians, process technologists, and laboratory and maintenance personnel.  The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning, and immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

    Participants should have some recent exposure to oil and gas facility terminology.

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