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    OLGA Advanced Flow Assurance (Remote Instructor-Led Series - RILS)

    During this course, you will learn how the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator is used to identify, analyze and and solve flow assurance challenges using advanced OLGA features.

    This course was designed as a blending of theoretical background knowledge and hands-on exercises to model separators, controllers, and how to model thermal interactions between pipes and surroundings.

    The exercises are conducted within the framework of the OLGA Graphical User Interface (GUI). All major features of the GUI are covered including model building, case runs, parametric studies, and post-processing options. 

    • Hydrate formation risk modeling (lecture and exercises)
    • Hydrate inhibition with MEG (lecture and exercises)
    • Separators and Controls (lecture and exercises)
    • Pipeline modeling with OLGA exercise

    • Pipeline modeling with OLGA (continued)
    • Advanced heat transfer modeling in OLGA
      • Exercises
    • OLGA Fluids: Black Oil and Compositional
      • Exercises

    • OLGA Fluids:  Black Oil and Compositional (continued)
    • Composition Tracking
      • Exercises
    • Course summary/discussion, conclusion and closing remarks

    The course is truly designed for technical staffs whose works mainly involve the day-to-day production operations.  Nevertheless, other people not related to production operations can also find this course helpful.

    The following topics will be covered in the class:

    • Hydrate formation
    • Hydrate inhibition with MEG
    • Separators and Control
    • Pipeline modeling in OLGA
    • Advanced heat transfer modeling with OLGA
    • OLGA Fluids:  Black Oil and Compositional
    • Compositional Tracking in OLGA

    Understanding of flow assurance phenomena, their causes and basic mitigation measures are strongly recommended.  Basic understanding of the OLGA application software is required.

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