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    OLGA Well Dynamics (Remote Instructor-Led Series - RILS)

    This course is specifically designed for remote delivery (equivalent to the OLGA Well Dynamics ILT).

    Successful well design and operations require an understanding of transient multiphase flow behavior. The OLGA* Well Dynamics course offers a good balance between well flow dynamics fundamentals and hands-on OLGA software skills. The course helps beginners to quickly grasp the “dynamic flow” concept, learn to run OLGA software independently, and gain a solid foundation for developing advanced modeling capabilities.

    The course teaches you how to build “What if” cases using the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator for basic well design and engineering, to map operational limits, and to establish operational procedures. In addition, you learn about typical operational well events such as shut-down and startup, artificial lift, and clean-up. Each OLGA “What if” case illustrates how transient flow affects the system and how the surroundings can interact with the well.

    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Multiphase Flow in Production Systems
    • Heat Transfer in Production Systems
    • Exercise: Getting Started with OLGA

    • Summary of Exercise from Day 1
    • Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) Modeling in OLGA
    • Exercise:  OLGA Well Modeling Basics 9 (Preliminary well design, well shut-in, and start-up)

    • Summary of Exercise from Day 2
    • Annulus Flow Modeling in OLGA
    • Exercise: Annulus Modeling in OLGA (Prepare a simulation model with casing, simulate shut-in and start-up)

    • Summary of Exercise from Day 3
    • Artificial Lift with OLGA
    • Exercise:  Artificial Lift (Gas Lift valve modeling, ESP)

    • Summary of Exercise from Day 4
    • Drilling and Completion Fluid Modeling 
    • Exercise:  Clean up Simulations in OLGA

    The desired audience profiles are:

    • Production Engineering
    • Production Technology
    • Production Operations Engineering
    • Digital Production Engineering
    • Petroleum Engineering

     Training/Exposure to OLGA Flow Assurance.

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