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    Openhole Logging

    This one-day Petrophysics course will focus mainly on openhole data acquisition, log quality control, and interpretation. The course will cover all the basics of log data acquisition and basic interpretation principles.  New high technology tools will also be reviewed and the applications of those tools will be discussed.  This will include Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Wireline Formation Testing (WFT), and borehole imaging.  There will be a series of exercises to be completed in class on these topics in order to help the participants consolidated their understanding of the topics presented. 

    Upon successful completion of this course, participants should have an understanding of log data acquisition, interpretation techniques, and how to apply log quality control practices.  They should understand the types of high technology tools and the appropriate applications of that technology in formation evaluation.  They should also have a basic working knowledge of openhole log interpretation and be able to compute important reservoir parameters, such as porosity, lithology, shaliness, and water saturation.

      Day 1

      Openhole Logging

      • Wireline operations and logs
      • Computing water saturation
      • High technology tools

      This one-day course will cover all aspects of openhole logging.  This will include wireline operations and logs, including Spontaneous Potential (SP), Gamma Ray, resistivity tools, neutron porosity measurements, density measurement, acoustics, and lithology.  Computing water saturation using the Archie Equation and an overview of high technology tools will also be covered.

      The intended audience for this course is anyone requiring an introduction to openhole logging.


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