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    Organizational Excellence and the Balanced Scorecard

    This course describes in detail the step-by-step process for developing organizational excellence with the use of a Balanced Scorecard. This includes how to build strategy maps and extend different components into a common framework. Several best practices are also discussed such as applying evaluation criteria for developing the right performance measurements and rules to follow to keep scorecards simple and clean.

    Upon completion of this course, you will know the exact steps to take for building a balanced scorecard that drives execution of specific performance objectives. Links to templates and other resources will be provided, ensuring you are fully equipped to build a balanced scorecard.   

    • Introduction
    • Strategy management and Balanced Scorecard
    • Strategic Planning
    • Setting objectives and KPIs
    • Architecture of a Balanced Scorecard Management System

    • Developing Balanced Scorecard Performance Architecture
    • Balance Scorecard deployment
    • Value added by the Balance Scorecard

    This course is recommended for executives, managers, planners and analysts who are part of a Balanced Scorecard development team, and are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organizational performance.

    • Identify the 5 major steps required for building a successful Balanced Scorecard.
    • Identify the 4 barriers to strategic execution that Balanced Scorecards.
    • Recognize the four primary dimensions of most scorecards and the cause-effect relationship between each.
    • Recognize how to differentiate performance measurements between input, output and outcome.
    • Identify the 5 alignment points from top down that comprise a scorecard model.
    • Recognize objectives that are non-quantifiable from quantifiable.
    • Identify at least three rules you can follow for developing good strategy maps, measurements and targets.

    Involvement in organizational or departmental business strategies.

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