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    Outcrop Analogy For Multiscale Reservoir Modeling | Field Trip in Fayoum, Egypt

    Field seminar and exercises, hands-on training, and evening sessions.

    1)    Outcrop scale of depositional environments (ranging from fluvial thru costal to shallow marine) in comparison to borehole scale criteria

    2)    Sedimentary structures and rock fabric

    3)    Ichnofacies / trace fossils

    4)    Depositional cycles, stacking patterns, vertical and lateral facies variations.

    5)    A refresher for how to conduct geologic description on outcrops and similarly on images.

    6)    Refresher on sequence stratigraphic concepts: key surfaces, stacking patterns.



    Day 1:


    Walking a transect through the Upper Eocene to the Miocene exposures to Introduce the geology of the area and the sequence stratigraphic framework.


    Days 2 & 3:

    Upper Eocene marginal and shallow marine deposits. Cyclicity and sequence stratigraphy. Log scale vs seismic scale detection and resolution. Parasequences and flooding surfaces: recognition in logs and cores.

    Multi-scale investigation of tidal dominated depositional system. Characteristic facies recognition and subsurface detection methods. Implications for reservoir, geometry, heterogeneity, and fluids flow simulation.


    Day 4:

    Oligocene – Miocene clastics and volcanics.

    Fluvial facies characteristics and architecture. Hints for sequence stratigraphy of non-marine deposits. Implications for reservoir quality, distribution and communication.

    Transgressive estuarine facies.

    Visiting the petrified wood and the open air museum for the fossil vertebrates of the North Qarun protected area.


    Day 5:

    Visiting the UNESCO world heritage geological site of Wadi Haitan (Whale’s Valley)

    15:00 Conclusion of the workshop and drive back to Cairo.


    Reservoir geologists and engineers, modelers, sedimentologists, and borehole image specialists

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