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Overview of simulation workflow with ECLIPSE and Petrel (Customized)

This course is a compressed version of ECLIPSE* Blackoil simulation and the Petrel* E&P software platforms of Reservoir Engineering (RE) and Uncertainty and Optimization.

The training acquaints you with the basic features and keywords of the ECLIPSE Blackoil simulator. Each section of the input data and its file handling characteristics are presented, then a practical
exercise allows you to construct a simulation model from scratch.
The discussion incorporates the pre- and post-processors of Petrel RE as integral parts of the process, and it includes an explanation of the relationship between ECLIPSE and Petrel RE.
You will build a 3D simulation model inside Petrel that is based on geological input data. You will add wells and well control rules, create black oil fluid models and rock physics functions, and submit the model to the simulators.
In reservoir simulation studies, petroleum engineers use the Petrel Uncertainty and optimization tool to manage reservoir uncertainties and maximize key objectives. The Petrel Uncertainty and optimization tool allows you to directly modify model parameters in integrated Petrel processes across several domains.

Day 1

Set up the ECLIPSE Blackoil file structure

Specify and edit input and output data

Control wells under history matching and prediction regimes

Build and run a simple simulation model

Day 2

Petrel RE for newcomers

Make a simple simulation grid

Rock physics and fluid model


Day 3

Initialization and volume calculation

Well engineering


--Well path design


Day 4

History matching and prediction strategies

Manual history matching workflow

Production optimization scenarios

Run simulation and results viewing

Day 5

Use Petrel to aid the history matching process

Plan a structured history matching workflow

Define an objective function that measures the history matching quality

Define and evaluate an uncertainty matrix

Set up and use an optimization algorithm for the history matching process

Apply a selection of analysis tools to interpret results and monitor and measure performance

Learning activity mix

Reservoir engineers and reservoir simulation engineers

The following topics are convered:

1. Overview of ECLIPSE Blackoil Reservoir Simulation setup

2. Petrel Reservoir Engineering workflow

3. Assisted history matching with Petrel uncertainty and optimization tools.

Basic reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation fundamentals

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