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    Perforating Techniques

    This very comprehensive course covers Perforating applications for Fracturing and Sand Control, and deployment techniques. The course starts with a brief review of wireline equipment, and then presents the types of explosives used and their main applications. Perforating for Sand Management and Sand Control is also discussed, including an introduction of Geomechanics.

    Day 1
    • Welcome
    • 1st day quiz
    • Introduction to the course
    • Logging Unit - Depth Control - Tension Device
    • Tool Conveyance in Cased Hole
    • Introduction to Perforations
    • Explosives History and Shaped Charge Technology
    • Shaped Charge Design
    • Perforations Hardware
    • Additional Hardware
    • Tractors

    During the first day, attendants will be submitted to a quiz to identify strengths and topics to be developed, enabling the instructor to optimize the course approach and participants will discuss the equipment used to perforate.

    Day 2
    • Perforations Conveyance
    • Skin Equations
    • TCP
    • TCP firing heads
    • Wireline perforating
    • Oriented perforations

    During the second day, attendants will discuss conveyance methods and application of oriented perforations.

    Day 3
    • Well completions
    • Completions without killing
    • Cleanperf
    • Geomechanics for Perforating

    During the third day, attendants will learn methods to diminish perforating damage and cleaning perforations and the geomechanical concepts applied in perforating.

    Day 4
    • API Standards RP19B
    • Perforating Carbonates
    • Fracturing Process and Perforating Methodology
    • High Energy Frac Applications
    • Perforating Injectors
    • Perforations Efficiency

    Attendants will discuss the contents and scope of API Standard RP19B and will be initiated in the techniques of perforating carbonates, perforating for hydraulic fracturing and perforating injector wells.

    Day 5
    • Perforating weak sands (for sand control)
    • Perforating weak sands (for sand prevention)
    • Perforating for Production Optimization
    • Propellants
    • Last day quiz
    • Round Table

    In the last day, attendants will learn the best practices to perforate in weak sands, for sand control completions and for sand management techniques, will discuss production optimization through perforating methods, and will be familiarized with the selection and utilization of propellants.

    Completion, Production and Reservoir Engineers, and other professionals involved in Well Completion operations.

    Basic exposure to Well Performance, Well Completions and Well Interventions. 

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