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    Personal Breakthrough Impact

    Being effective and having an impact helps to increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. It also has a major impact on health and safety in the workplace. Effectiveness with others always starts with ‘self-effectiveness’, and self-effectiveness starts with self-awareness. 

    This course will help its participants gain self-awareness, in order to help them become better leaders in their industry.  As a person grows in self-awareness, they will begin to understand why they feel the way they feel and why they behave the way they behave.  A person will begin to understand their strengths and natural talents, along with how to capitalize on them.  Self-awareness also helps a person to better understand their motivational drivers and their energy drainers. In turn, it enables them to develop their personal strategy for action. Enhanced self-awareness in a leader will be the key to understanding others and also to developing an effective approach that will generate the best results from their team.


    Day 1

    Introduction to Self-Awareness and Communicate with Impact

    • The importance of self-awareness and impact
    • Personality and communication styles
    • Using emotional intelligence to enhance impact    

    On the first day, participants will learn about gaining insights into personality strengths and liabilities, using tools to enhance communication, and developing an emotional intelligence approach.

    Day 2

    Using Feedback to Enhance Performance

    • Fundamental active listening techniques and methodologies
    • Using high-gain questions to increase performance
    • Using negotiations to achieve sustainable results      

    Participants will learn about developing skills and techniques to enhance feedback.  Using high-gain questions for greater understanding and creating a toolbox of negotiation techniques will also be covered.

    Day 3

    Influencing through Stakeholder Management 

    • Understanding the impact of stakeholder mapping
    • Sphere of Influence model to understand interdependence
    • Navigating organizational cultures and managing conflicts 

    On the last day of this course participants will learn about building an individual influence and network map, understanding the different styles of organizational culture, and having a toolbox to proactively manage adversity and conflicts. 

    Individual contributors, project members, first time managers

    At least 3 years of professional experience

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