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    Personal influence Workshop

    Influencing others to get things done in a collaborative mode is a must in the oil and gas sector. Effectiveness with others always starts with ‘self effectiveness’.  And self-effectiveness starts with self-awareness.  As you grow in self-awareness, you understand why you feel what you feel and why you behave as you behave. You also understand your strengths and natural talents and how to capitalize on them. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on ‘what’s in you for it’, and how this can impact future career development

    Day 1
    • Expectations exchange
    • Importance of self-awareness for leadership behaviors
    • The behavioral model: what drives behaviors?
    • Leadership: born or bred?
    Day 2
    • Personality preferences and influence
    • Motivators: what motivates us? 
    • What motivates our key relationships?
    • Energy levels in the workplace
    Day 3
    • Emotional intelligence: key driver of leadership effectiveness
    • The 5 components of Emotional Intelligence
    • Personal assessment: what is my EQ level?
    • Practical implications in the workplace
    Day 4
    • Communicate with impact
    • The ‘Diamond’ methodology
    • Key behaviors to optimize impact
    • ‘Selling’ a case, a project
    Day 5
    • Dealing with diversity
    • Organizational, functional and national cultures
    • Influencing across cultures
    • Action planning: what do I stop/start/continue doing?

    This course is aimed at managers (with or without direct reports) who need to take stock of their leadership strengths and their potential barriers such as:

    • Experts who have grown into managerial functions
    • Experienced managers who have been operating by “instinct”
    • Any professional who wants to develop self awareness and understanding of others in order to optimize his/her communication and have more business impact


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