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    Petrel Exploration Geology: Petroleum Systems Modeling Fundamentals

    1. This course teaches new users how to run Petrel* Exploration Geology v2017 software, specifically 1D and 3D Petroleum System Modeling (PSM) and Petroleum System Quick Look (PSQL). The Petrel Exploration Geology toolkit combines seismic information, well data, and geological knowledge to accurately model the evolution of sedimentary basins over time and optimally predict if and how reservoirs have been charged with hydrocarbons. It also aids estimation of the timing of hydrocarbon generation and migration, as well as quantities and type. The workflows allow rapid initial exploration screening and evaluation of the key components of exploration uncertainty.

    This course demonstrates how to build, simulate and refine a 1D petroleum system model from well data and geologic information in Petrel. The results from the 1D model along with interpreted seismic surfaces are used as inputs in PSQL to provide simple, but rapid scenario testing, allowing you to quickly evaluate simple petroleum systems at present day. Domain theory will be discussed as needed to support the class exercises.

    You will then construct a full 3D petroleum system model in Petrel and simulate the basin history and complete geological evolution of the petroleum system(s). The model is simulated in the Petrel environment using the PetroMod* simulator.

    The Petrel/PetroMod modeling suite is the most advanced commercially available petroleum systems modeling toolkit. This is also the only commercial system with a migration process for n-components/3 phases relationships fully controlled by Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) conditions.

    Day 1

    Petroleum Systems Modeling Theory and Concepts

    • Basin Analysis (Theory)
    • Geochemical Analysis (Theory)
    • Temperature Modeling (PSM)
    • Generation (PSM)
    • Migration (PSM)
    • The Petroleum Systems Concept
    • Limitations of PSM


    Module 1: Introduction

    • Accessing the Exploration Geology toolkit
    • Overview of each tool and process


    Module 2: PS1D

    • Input data and set up 1D petroleum systems model


    Day 2

    Module 2: PS1D (cont.)

    • Simulate 1D petroleum systems model
    • A review of basic 1D simulator features and calibration workflows
    • View and analyze results
    • Calibrate model using basic principles of temperature and maturity calibration


    Day 3

    Module 3: PSQL

    • Input data, create maps, and edit function curves
    • Simulate different scenarios for generation, reservoir, seal and charge. Scenario-based risk assessment is taught with spatially varying input parameters
    • Analyze results of the petroleum system


    Day 4

    Module 4: PS3D

    • Build and set up a full 3D petroleum system model
    • Import and process maps and function curves
    • Set boundary conditions


    Day 5

    Module 4: PS3D cont.

    • Simulate 3D model
    • A review of basic PetroMod 3D simulator features and calibration workflows
    • Calibrate a PS3D model using temperature data
    • Analyze outputs of simulated PS3D model
    • Geologists and geoscientists involved in exploration projects from basin to prospect level
    • Geologists and geoscientists working on appraisal projects where hydrocarbon types and properties are not adequately understood
    • E & P professionals seeking a better understanding of the principles of petroleum systems modeling

    This is a foundation level course that introduces the concept of the petroleum system model and teaches you how to use Petrel Exploration Geology software. Domain knowledge is provided as needed, but the focus is on learning to use the software. The class covers 1D and 3D workflows. You will learn how to build 1D models and use them to test petroleum system behaviour. You will then use simple map based techniques to perform rapid scenario testing. Having understood the technical limitations of this approach, you will then proceed to build and calibrate a 3D petroleum systems model in Petrel.

    Geology background, interest in Petroleum Systems  Modeling (PSM)

    Petrel Fundamentals class, OG-SW0-SIS12520, or have a basic knowledge of the Petrel user interface.

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