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    Petrel Geological Process Modeling (GPM)

    The training focuses on the simulation of forward modeling of stratigraphic and sedimentary processes. The course introduces the essentials of working with GPM software in the Petrel E&P software platform and enables geologists to address the challenges for different scales from basin to reservoir.

    The course covers the processes of erosion, transport, and deposition of clastic and carbonate sediments in different geological settings. It also covers related geological processes such as carbonate growth, tectonics and sediment compaction. You learn basic concepts of stratigraphic forward modeling connected with GPM software workflows. The geological process–oriented methodology allows you to create realistic, deterministic models where the different architectural elements are positioned in space based on the laws of physics that control their sedimentation.

    The course begins with an overview of GPM software. It then discusses the Input data types and parameters, and the specific geological processes for modeling clastics and carbonates. It also covers the post-processing of the GPM software results. After completing the course, you will know enough about the GPM software functionalities to run the stratigraphic forward modeling simulation on your own.

    Day 1
    • Overview and concepts
    • Components of simulation dialog box
    • Objects and files
    • Results visualization
    Day 2
    • Basic input data types
    • Initial topography
    • Sediments types and settings
    • Sea level
    • Tectonic
    • Compaction
    Day 3
    • Stratigraphic traps
    • Diffusion
    • Sediment accumulation and areal sources
    • Point sources and steady flow part 1
    Day 4
    • Steady flow part 2
    • Unsteady flow
    • Combined processes
    Day 5
    • Modeling of waves
    • Waves settings
    • Wave sources, amplitude, period
    • Carbonate modeling
    • In-situ and reworked carbonates
    • Post modeling conversions

    Geoscientists and Geologists interested in stratigraphic forward modeling workflows using Petrel.

    • GPM software overview
    • Input data
    • GPM software Clastics
    • GPM software Carbonates
    • Post modeling conversions

    Petrel Fundamentals course or similar Petrel experience.

    General knowledge of basic geology and sedimentology, as well as elemental software skills are recommended.

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