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    Petrel Seismic Well Tie - VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)

    The purpose of this course is to explore the workflows and functionality of the Integrated Seismic Well Tie process in Petrel.

    You will be guided through the required steps to generate the Seismic well tie, covering the four (4) main workflows: Sonic Calibration, Log editing, Wavelet Extraction and Synthetic Generation. 

    Supporting these workflows, you will have access to the Log Conditioning and Wavelet toolbox, which provide interactive functionalities for the creation or manipulation of the different inputs used in the Seismic well tie workflows.

    Day 1

    Module 1:

    • Basic Concepts & Theory

    Module 2:

    • Loading Checkshot Data
    • Applying Well TDR

    Module 3:

    • Log Conditioning
    • Sonic Calibration workflow

    Challenge: Sonic Calibration

    Daily wrap-up & Discussion

    Day 2

    Module 4:

    • Seismic Well-Tie (SWT) Overview

    Module 5:

    • Analytical Wavelet Generation

    Module 6:

    •  Statistical Wavelet Extraction
    •  Deterministic Wavelet Extraction

    Challenge: Synthetic Generation

    Daily wrap-up & Discussion

    Day 3

    Module 7:

    • Integrated Seismic Well tie
    • Multi-well Synthetic Generation

    Module 8:

    • Multi-wavelet Extraction
    • Time varying wavelet

    Module 9:

    • Depth Seismic Calibration

    Challenge: Depth Seismic Calibration

    Final wrap-up and Review

    Geophysicists, geologists, and petro-technical personnel with prior experience in Petrel.

    • Basic concepts and theory
    • Checkshots and well TDR
    • Quality control and editing of well data - checkshots, sonic and density logs
    • Sonic calibration
    • Analytical, statistical and deterministic wavelet extraction
    • Wavelet Creation and Extraction
    • Synthetic Seismogram Generation
    • Multi-well synthetic generation
    • Multi-wavelet extraction

    • General knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics; 
    • Petrel Fundamentals or similar experience in Petrel.

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