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    Petrel Thermal Reservoir Simulation

    The focus of this course is on how to leverage Petrel E&P Software Platform Reservoir Engineering tools to create thermal reservoir simulation models.

    In this course, you use Petrel to:

    - build a 3D simulation model based on geological input data

    - add wells and well control rules

    - create or import thermal fluid models and rock physics functions

    -add thermal boundary conditions

    - initialize the model and run simulations

    - view the simulation results using available Petrel tools for results analysis and visualization

    - design a well trajectory using an interactive approach

    - access the INTERSECT simulator and familiarize with the INTERSECT input and output file structure including datasets modification.

    During the course, the practical application of most of the available tools in Petrel used for a typical reservoir engineering workflow is discussed and illustrated in the exercises. The manual is structured in modules with relevant lessons and exercises to help you practice the lessons learned in each module.

    Day 1

    - Reservoir engineering in Petrel

    - Petrel user interface

    - Make a simple simulation grid

    - Rock physics and fluid model

    Day 2

    - Initialization

    - Run simulation

    - 2D & 3D Simulation Results

    - Well Engineering

    Day 3

    - Well control

    - Introduction to INTERSECT

    - INTERSECT File Structure

    - IXF format

    Development and exploration petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and any asset team members who want to get acquainted to Petrel thermal reservoir simulation workflow

    Module 1 Petrel reservoir engineering for new comers

    Module 2 Simple simulation models

    Module 3 Well engineering

    Module 4 Well control

    Module 5 Simulation run and results viewing

    Module 6 INTERSECT

    The knowledge of Petrel Reservoir Engineering workflow tools or equivalent Petrel experience is an added advantage.

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