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    Petroleum Exploration and Production

    Petroleum Exploration and Production is an awareness level course designed for professionals associated with the oil and gas industry. The course content is designed to expose the participants to the full life cycle of the oil and gas industry. Participants will understand the functions of companies involved throughout the cycle and their roles and responsibilities.

    The course will provide an overview of technologies, workflows and processes that enable the oil and gas industry to explore, appraise, develop and produce hydrocarbons. Throughout the course, participants will learn the risks and rewards associated with the industry along with their social, environmental and financial impacts.

    This course is offered in durations of 3 to 5 days, so please see class calendar information.  All classes cover the same scope but in varying amount of detail.

    Day 1

    Industry Overview, Geology, and Exploration

    In day one, an overview of the upstream oil and gas industry is presented, including extensive discussion of the upstream lifecycle.  The participants are exposed to the definition of hydrocarbon deposits and the key phases of the reservoir life cycle. The principles of Exploration Geology and Geophysics are covered, as well as exploration business processes and risk assessment. The day will end with a workshop using an interactive challenge.

    Day 2

    Drilling, Appraisal, and Understanding the Reservoir

    In day two, an overview of well design, drilling, and the various types of drilling rigs and contracts are discussed.  The purpose, tools and techniques of appraisal are presented and personnel who would evaluate the reservoir including testing and gathering of information are also explored.  The origins of petroleum reservoirs, how these reservoirs are found and how the properties are evaluated is presented as part of understanding the reservoir.  The day will end with a workshop using an interactive challenge.

    Day 3

    Completions, FDP, and Facilities

    In day three, the process of completion and the technology used is presented.  The many technologies and processes that are utilized in the field development planning process are also discussed, including economic justification of development.  The basic types of facilities configurations and equipment included are explored and the day ends with a workshop using an interactive challenge.

    Day 4

    Production, Case Studies, and Conclusion

    In day four, the course will review personnel and companies involved in production. Consequently, participants will be exposed to technologies and processes required to prepare and produce well fluids; process the recovered fluid to separate oil, gas and water and sell oil and gas and dispose or reinject water. Furthermore, the course will cover how to minimize operating expenses; monitor and maximize production; and eventually abandon a well. The participants will then be involved in a workshop using an interactive challenge.

    Finally, the course will end with review of important case studies and a recap of all four days learning modules.

    This course is designed to provide an overview of full life cycle of oil and gas business to individuals involved in any capacity with the industry.

    This course introduces the fundamental aspects of full life cycle of oil and gas industry including the key four phases - exploring, defining, developing and producing along with the financial aspects of the oil and gas busi-ness. The course will also cover similarities and dissimilarities among national and international oil companies and the functions of various service providers.

    Key Learning Elements

    • People – involved personnel and their functions in the oil and gas business.
    • Life Cycle – various phases of the oil and gas industry.
    • Technologies – exposure to enabling technologies and processes for successful exploitation of the non-renewable hydrocarbon resources.
    • Social, environmental and financial aspects of the oil and gas business.

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