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Petroleum Geoscience - Heriot-Watt University Course

This class is part of the Heriot-Watt University Distance Learning Masters of Reservoir Engineering Program. It is intended to review all the fundamental aspects of Petroleum Geosciences, and demonstrate their cross disciplinary applications.

This course forms part of the Heriot-Watt Distance Learning MSc Petroleum Engineering.  Classes may be attended by individuals who seek to understand better the subject but who are not registered for the degree course.  

Day 1
  • Introduction to Earth Science
  • Petroleum play concept in Exploration
  • Principles of flow in porous rocks · Rock properties (exercise: interpret micro-scale images)
Day 2
  • Sedimentology : nature and characteristics of sedimentary rocks (exercise : graphic logs)
  • Structural Geology : faults, folds and fractures; structural families (exercise : construct cross-section from contour map)
Day 3
  • Geophysics (principally seismic): data acquisition and interpretation (exercise: seismic interpretation)
  • Depositional environments of clastic rocks, facies concepts (exercise: principal characteristics)
Day 4
  • Stratigraphy and Correlation
  • Principles and practice of correlation (exercise: correlation panel)
  • Mapping in the exploration context: methods and map types
Day 5
  • Geostatistics (exercise : determination of variability)
  • Reservoir Volumetrics ; interfaces between Geoscience and other disciplines
  • Deterministic approach to calculating hydrocarbon-in-place
  • Summary, overview, and examination tips
Learning activity mix

Petroleum and reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, and product-ion engineers wishing to develop interdisciplinary skills.

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