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    PetroMod TecLink 2D - (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)

    This course spans the 7 hours over 5 day as follow:

    - 4 hours teaching session on Day 1

    - 3 days of homeworks

    - 1 hour wrap-up and test session on Day 5 

    This course explains how to work in areas with complex geometries, such as fault thrust belts or salt tectonics, that have a lot of multiple z values within a grid. Structural restoration must be performed using a different software, such as Dynel, and the restored paleosections are used as input for each paleostep in PetroMod.


    Fold and thrust belt geometries are complex with layers stacked in thrust sheets:

    • Normal gridding procedures do not work
    • Backstripping does not deliver paleo geometries
    • Lateral movement of rock material (and therefore calculated temperatures etc.) can be several kilometers

    Complex geometries need to be addressed in detail for migration analysis:

    • Cross-fault migration
    • Complex salt movement

    Geologists, basin and petroleum system modelers, and technical personnel with prior experience in PetroMod and structural geology.

    • Import the restored paleosections
    • Assign the ages
    • Create the blocks
    • Define and assign the blocks 
    • Grid each paleosection
    • Define and assign the facies
    • Assign the faults 
    • Simulate the model
    •  Calibrate the model

    Participants should have attended the PetroMod Fundamentals and PetroMod Calibration Workflows courses.

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