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    PIPESIM Python Toolkit Fundamentals (Remote Instructor-Led Series - RILS)

    The course provides training in use of the PIPESIM Python Toolkit to automate typical PIPESIM workflows using Python scripts. 

    The PIPESIM Python Toolkit is a software development kit (SDK) for working with PIPESIM. It uses the Python language, one of the most common scripting languages.

    The SDK provides methods for working with PIPESIM models so that you can script and automate typical PIPESIM tasks. It also includes integration with Microsoft Excel in a VBA style environment, so that you can share data easily between workbooks and PIPESIM models. PIPESIM Python Toolkit is usually used in these situations:

    • There is a need for special PIPESIM user interface capabilities
    • Batch model updates and simulations are to be performed
    • Excel is used for results post-processing (charts/tables/publish)
    This course is the equivalent version of the in-person (ILT) PIPESIM Python Toolkit source in remote delivery (RILS) modality.  It is designed to be delivered in five (5) half-day sessions.

    Python Toolkit Introduction

    • Structure and Modules
    • Examples and Help System
    • IDE Configuration
    • Additional Packages Installation

    Main Modules and Classes

    • Class "Model" and Methods
    • Module "Definitions" and Child Classes
    • PIPESIM Model Investigation
    • Reading and Updating Model Parameters
    • Table Data Operations
    • Batch Update

    Network Simulation Tasks

    • Tasks and Calculation Variables
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Simulation Results Analysis
    • Multiple Network Simulation

    Interaction with Excel

    • Module "xlwings"
    • Use Excel as a data storage
    • Use Excel as a user interface
    • Excel-PIPESIM Client-Server Architecture
    • Multiple Network Simulation

    PTProfile Tasks

    • Boundary Conditions
    • Custom Variable Setup
    • Sensitivity Variable Setup
    • Simulation Results Analysis
    • Graduation Course

    The course is intended for PIPESIM users who wants to explore the possibility of using the Python Toolkit to automate typical PIPESIM workflows using Python scripts.

    • Introduction to Python and PIPESIM Python Toolkit
    • PIPESIM Python Toolkit and Excel
    • PIPESIM Python Toolkit and Python scripts
    • Workflows with PIPESIM Python Toolkit

    Basic PIPESIM knowledge equivalent to the topics covered in the PIPESIM Fundamentals course is required for this training. To complete this course successfully, some prior knowledge of Python scripting will also be an advantage. 

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